Attic Insulation

Layer of insulation...

The space above your home can range from 2′ to 8’+ depending on the architecture. Flat top roofs have smaller gaps, where as homes with vaulted ceilings have major gaps. This space is filled with air, air that flows from hot to cold areas. If you’re heating your home, this air will suck the heat up and out of your home. If you’re cooling your home, the heat will seep down into your home and force your cooling units to work twice as hard, costing you more.

By insulating your attic, we provide a barrier between your home and the air costing you money. Once we add the 12-16″ of insulation, the air in your home will then repel off the insulation and continue to keep your home cool/warm.

Soffit Vents & Recessed Utility Covering

Before we insulate the attic, there are a couple steps we take to make sure it’s getting the correct airflow and not covering any of your utilities. We start by fitting your soffits, the air vents at the base of your roof, with styrofoam vents. This allows air to freely flow into your attic and up through the roof vents. We also  dam around any recessed lights and exhaust fans, so as to not cover these during the insulation process.

Insulating and Covering the Attic Access

Once our prep work is done, our insulation technician will then blow anywhere from 12″ to 18″ of insulation, depending on the existing insulation in your attic and the r-value needed to improve your home’s insulation level. Once the technician has made his way back to the attic access, he’ll then cover the access way with either a insulated hatch cover, or a therm0-dome for larger access openings.


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